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val disere off piste skiing

These sessions can be booked for either the more inexperienced skier who longs for being able to make their first powder turns, or the more experienced Off-Piste skier who wants to take it to another level and ski the more challenging Off-Piste available in the Espace Killy.

Here in the Espace Killy we are lucky enough to have some of the best Off-Piste available in any ski resort the world over.
This ranges from some easier runs that are just off the side of the Piste to some very steep, long runs that have a vertical drop of a 1000mts or more.
Most of this is easily accessible from the lifts but sometimes requires a little bit of hiking either at the start or finish of the run.

The most important aspect of any Off Piste lesson is safety and I regard this as paramount.
Therefore the minimum requirement for any Off Piste lesson or guiding is, Transceiver, shovel and probe. All of which can be hired from a number of shops in town if you need to do so.
I also give a brief instruction on how to use the equipment if you are unfamiliar.

Also I offer more in depth training for those wishing to become more confident and efficient should they ever find themselves in an avalanche situation.
This can be booked as a separate short session that can be carried out even of an evening.


Springtime obviously brings more sunny days and warmer temperatures. As such the snow pack becomes unstable as well as harder to ski later in the afternoon so Off-Piste is more limited at this time of the season.
I offer a Spring Deal for Off-Piste which is a 6hr session whereby we ski from 9am-1pm and then stop for lunch. This way you get to make the most of the conditions whilst they are safe and I’ll aim to get you to the restaurant of your choice when finished.
I find this better as it gives us enough time to get to the higher aspects which have the better snow and make the most of the better snow conditions without constantly looking at the clock!
It also means you’re not paying for a full day I order to get to these better conditions further away from the centre of town.


There is also some amazing ski touring to be found throughout the season and if this is something you’ve been thinking about trying or have done so before and wish to do some more, then I’m happy to show you some of the runs that are more off the beaten track.
There are numerous shops in town that hire touring equipment should you need to hire some.
Obviously ski touring is a strenuous day out so please be sure you are feeling fit and well before taking this on. That said I’m happy to go at your comfortable pace and work the day around this.