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adult ski clinics

Group lessons are a great way to learn in a more relaxed, fun and social atmosphere as well as a more cost effective option.

This can sometimes work better for some clients as having a more fun group dynamic can work better for them rather than the one to one style of teaching in a private lesson. It’s also a great way to meet other skiers of your level and maybe some drinking buddies!

The aim will be to set the groups up so that you are all at a very similar level so please be sure to give me a good evaluation of your skiing level and experience when booking.

The group lessons are split into one of the following categories:

Group sizes will be limited to 6 maximum and run with a minimum of 3 skiers.
Should only 2 people book onto the group then there is the option to split the cost of the 3rd place or reduce to 2 x 3hrs sessions.
Courses can be altered to run from 3-5 days.